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Yard signs laminated with 5 Mil thermal laminate pouches
Long Lasting Laminating: 5 mil Thickness
5 mil pouches offer a longer laster and more durable laminating finish. Recommended for ID cards, menus, recipe cards, photos, reusable classroom materials, and dry erase surface applications.

Kid art laminated with 3 Mil thermal laminate pouches
Everyday Laminating: 3 mil Thickness

Yard signs laminated with 5 Mil thermal laminate pouches
Long Lasting Laminating: 5 mil Thickness

Laminating with Scotch Laminators can be fast and easy, let us show you how.
Step 1: Prep
Step 2: Place
Step 3: Insert
Step 4: Seal
Make sure your machine is warm and ready to go.

The on/off button can be found either as a toggle switch on the back or a push button on the top
Choose your pouch setting, either 3 mil or 5 mil depending on the thickness of the pouch you are working with
Warm up times can take between 1-6 minutes depending on your machine, your machine is warm enough to start laminating once the ready light illuminates.
If your machine has a feeding tray, ensure it is extended in the ready position
Place your project inside the laminating pouch.

Center your item inside the pouch checking that you leave laminate margin on every side for best sealing results
Have some fun with it by stacking multiple layers of colorful paper, confetti or lettering on top of one another
Place the Sealed End of the pouch into the machine, with the open end following behind.

Check to make sure the pouch lines up to the opening to prevent an uneven or angled feed through
Remove any objects that could get in the way of your project as it feeds out of the machine
Let the laminator do its thing!

Avoid pulling or obstructing the pouch as it feeds through the laminator
Your project will be hot when it exits the machine so use caution
Helpful tip: Cut/trim pouches only AFTER feeding through the machine

4 reviews for Scotch Thermal Laminating

  1. Leo (verified owner)

    These are great,. They hold well, are comfortable and very casual.I would definitely recommend these and will probably buy again the best the best quality. When it arrived I can safely say I was not let down. Everything was according what I want

    1 product
  2. Richard (verified owner)

    These are really lovely, fluffy beautiful. They arrived completely on schedule, so I\\\’m very happy all round. However, colour is nice, material soft and if are enough for the purpose i purchased I can recommend this

    1 product
  3. Hayden (verified owner)

    These were a birthday gift for a friend. She gave me one from the box and I must say they are wonderful. They smell lovley and lastly forever. You must get these. For the price they are amazing Lit this one is amazing

    1 product
  4. Owen (verified owner)

    The support I receives was thoughtful and my issue was addressed with a single interaction Awesome! Just mind blowing service of you guys

    1 product
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