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  • Suitability – Universal socket holder wrench garage set suitable for standard ¼ to ¾ metric 7mm to 19mm nuts, bolts and weird shaped screws.
  • Quality – Homoutils new universal socket is a multi-functional tool, made from top quality chrome tungsten steel, this tool is durable, easy to use and a great addition to the toolbox to carry out those DIY tasks quickly and easily.
  • Design – Magic honeycomb design in which each strut can independently move to the required angle to complete task at hand.
  • Use – It can be used in most electric drills, ratchet spanners and screwdriver. The exceptional design can grasp the hex nut, wing nuts, screw eye, lag screws, hook, tension screw and bolt head, etc. This gedget unscrew any bolt, nut, and other fastener accessories with ease.
  • Gift ideas – Homoutils universal socket is the best small handy gedgets multi power tool gift set for cool Men, Dad, Partner and father’s day which can be used to complete DIY tasks around the home or workshop.

5 reviews for DIY Universal Socket

  1. Ryan (verified owner)

    This surprised me. They have a great quality feel to them and are fairly according to need. They are also a very good in size. They are definitely not a cheap feeling. I have rated these as 5 star at the moment as they are still fairly new and working like as previous . Hopefully this will continue as its now great stuff.

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  2. Jackson (verified owner)

    Good quality.

    1 product
  3. Aiden (verified owner)

    Good quality.

    1 product
  4. Zohar (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

    1 product
  5. Kai (verified owner)

    I bought these as there are now mandatory in my area and did not want to spend a lot of money so these are great they are nice and soft they fit really well with out leaving gaps and they also have an ajuster that make you feel very comfortable

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